PC, Laptop, and Netbook

If you want to blog more consistently and effectively, you’ll need a computer. You know, a

smartphone isn’t enough for everyday blogging. Yes, you can blog from your smartphone

but, the access will be so limited, and even you’ll be stuck with that tiny screen. As a

blogger, I suggest you buy a laptop or netbook but, a PC is also usable. The reason I’m

telling you to buy a portable computer is its portability. With a laptop, you can write a blog

post anytime and anywhere. But, with a desktop, you can hardly do so. If you want to buy a

laptop only for blogging, I suggest you buy a Chromebook. Even the entry-level Chromebook

is enough for heavy web surfing. Most of the work in blogging happens inside a browser and

a Chromebook can easily beat any Windows laptop on flawless internet browsing at the

same price range.

External Hard Drive, SSD

As a blogger, you have to store and back up all of your important data before it somehow is

deleted. Most bloggers are getting the same problem now and then. Most of the time we

delete something ourselves unintentionally that harmed us later. So, I’ll suggest you buy an

external hard disk and back up every single piece of data. Nowadays, hard drives are very

cheap and value for money.

Smart Watch

Having a Smartwatch can make you more active and productive. Do you remember

everything you should be remembered? I don’t know about you but, I forgot most of them.

So, I write everything on my To-Do list (with proper timing) and synced that with my

Smartwatch. Whenever I am just about to forget stuff, my smartwatch vibrates and reminds

me of all my commitments. And I add multiple repeat timings to make that thing more


Portable Voice Recorder

Now you might be thinking why have an additional voice recorder when we all can record our

voices from our mobile phones? Well, we’ll come to that later but before that, let me take

you through a situation. Suppose you’re working on an interview project or writing a

storybook or a story blog but, can’t find anything to write. What will you do in that situation?

I think you’re missing something. Take a pause and go forward to all those things you’ve

been through all your day. You’ll find some gold mine stories there.

And that’s why I’m telling you to take a Voice Recorder Device with you. So, whenever you

see or feel something incredible, capture that in the recorder. Recorder apps that come with

the phones don’t record everything off the atmosphere and also those lack efficiency. Your

voice notes can be hacked, deleted, or even accessed by other people as well. You know,

most of the social media apps have access to our mobile’s microphone to increase their

advertisement conversions. This is not safe to take a risk with your private voice notes

because your privacy always has to come first.

Amazon Kindle

If you love writing, I’m sure you might love reading as well. And I also know that devices like

Kindle can’t ever replace the paperback but, I’ll take your reading hobby to the next level.

Sometimes we got to know about a very interesting book and became very excited to read

that as soon as possible. But then, we just search for that book in online stores, add it to the

cart and leave the website.